Class Webinar: Take a Bite Out of Fraudulent Assistance Animal Requests | March 31


Take A Bite Out of Fraudulent Assistance Animal Requests

1 ELE Credit
3.31.2021 | 3PM – 4PM EST

Take A Bite Out of Fraudulent Assistance Animal Requests

Where: Zoom

When: March 31, 2021 | 3PM – 4PM EST


Participants will learn about the Fair Housing laws on the state, federal and local level that impact community operations and actions with respect to requests to maintain emotional support animals on the property despite pet or animal restrictions.

Some topics to be discussed:

  • Fair Housing Act and Disability Accommodations
  • New Legislation Regarding Emotional Support Animals
  • Establishing a Handicap
  • Competing Definition of Service Animal Under ADAAA and FHAA
  • Fraudulent Requests for Service and Support Animals
  • What to do When the Disability is Not Obvious
  • What a Disabled Person Needs to Provide in Order to Own a Service Animal
  • Innate Qualities of Service Animal
  • Failing to Make Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications
  • What to do when “Skeptical” Information is Provided
  • Damages and Penalties for Discrimination


1 ELE Credit


Provider: #0000811

Course #9630287


PLEASE NOTE: Instructions to receive CEU credits will be emailed 1-2 days after the class has concluded.


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Steven H. Mezer

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