Community Update – June 2020

June means the start of Hurricane season in Florida and while we always hope for a quiet year, it’s important that your community take steps now to ensure preparedness should disaster strike. This issue includes Becker’s newly interactive 2020 Hurricane Guide which provides important tips and information to help prepare and protect your community. Make sure to check out the guide along with all of the other informative content this month.

This month’s featured article, “Slowly Getting Over the Hump: Addressing Speeding with Traffic Calming Devices,” discusses can and if your association should install speed bumps or humps to deter speeding in your community.

Must association members be notified of all board meetings prior to? Find out the answer in, “To Notice, or Not to Notice, That Is the Question: Closed Board Meetings.”

In “Tiffany Plaza Condominium Association v. Spencer” unit owners challenged the payment of assessments for an alteration the members did not approve. So, why does this case matter? Find out how this case and its progeny have shaped the application of current law.

Lastly, don’t miss June’s Spanish article, “El avance de la tecnología en las leyes de las asociaciones.”

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