Vacating Procedures

Dear Vacating Tenant(s),

Please make sure we are in receipt of your “Notice to Vacate” we should receive no later then 30 days prior for the rental property you gold possession to currently. We at Solutions Property Management want to say thank you for your past occupancy. We have appreciated you as a tenant and want to assist you with an adequate and complete move out. Please make sure you have read your move out procedures and cleaning requirements carefully, according to your lease! It’s important that you adhere to the requirements to receive your deposit back in full. A thorough cleaning of the property is mandatory. Receipts for carpet cleaning are needed at the same time you turn in your keys and required when you vacate. If you had pets occupying the residence, you will also need a final pest spray and receipt attached as well. Please manicure your lawn one final time, including pressure washing any areas that have mold, stain, or mildew on the outside of home and driveway. Your keys must be returned on or before the end of your lease expiration date to prevent further rent charges. The keys should be returned to our office. We have drop boxes at all our locations. The key return form and an agreement to vacate are attached, so you can give a forwarding address protect yourself with the proper documentation, and to show proof that you have turned over possession back to us appropriately. If you have any questions you can email, or call our office at 321-684-7793

Please note some of the items in the instructions may not apply to you. Do your best to follow the move out procedures to ensure you get your security back in full.


Move Out Procedures Sign with lease


Key Return


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